Free Self-Preparation Service

WEII VITA sites operate under certain guidelines related to income and tax situations for the taxpayers we serve. For taxpayers who have income higher than our guidelines – or situations that would be out of scope for our sites – the free link we have available is a perfect solution.

For taxpayers with an adjusted gross income (AGI) under $73,000*, our free self-preparation link allows you to create your return absolutely free – regardless of the schedules and forms you need. There are no hidden or surprise fees right before you e-file.

If you are interested in preparing your own taxes this year and doing them completely free, click on the link below. You will immediately get an informative email and the link to TaxSlayer’s free software. You may request the link as many times as you need to. If you have questions along the way, email [email protected] and we’ll respond to your question within 48 hours.


*If your adjusted gross income is more than $73,000, you will not be able to e-file your return using this link and will need to consider other tax filing products or services. If you have used our TaxSlayer free self-preparation link in the past and want to continue using TaxSlayer to prepare your return, you will be required to set up a new account at