Homeownership Services

White Earth Investment Initiative offers several convenient options for homebuyer education and housing advising to help homebuyers feel more confident about their housing decisions. Approximately nine homebuyer education classes are offered annually at various locations in Becker County and on the White Earth Indian Reservation. Classes follow either the Home Stretch or Pathways Home models. For those who prefer to learn online, Framework offers an affordable online course.

Individual Homeownership Counseling

Potential homebuyers who have not met with a lender or entered into a purchase agreement are encouraged to take advantage of individual homeownership counseling with a trained housing counseling advisor. White Earth Investment Initiative offers free individualized sessions that help assess readiness for home purchasing and provide information and referrals as needed. These private meetings are an opportunity for households to talk about their homeownership goals and develop an action plan with guidance and coaching. Our homeownership advisors can review credit reports and personal finances as well as answer questions related to a home purchase. The meeting, which can take place over the phone or in person, is confidential. A free copy of your soft-pull credit report is provided. Additional follow-up appointments are available free of charge. To set up an appointment or obtain additional information regarding the program, please email Sue Trnka or call 218-844-7029.


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