Task Force Calls for Homebuyer Education Expansion

(Edited for length and reprinted with permission)

More than 554,000 Minnesota households struggle to afford quality housing, a 58 percent increase since 2000

Governor Mark Dayton and members of the Governor’s Task Force on Housing have released its final report, recommending 30 action steps aimed at improving access to quality, affordable housing for Minnesotans and building a more vibrant, inclusive economic future for all Minnesotans.

Among the 30 recommendations, highlights of the report call for commitment, investment, and Minnesota ingenuity to:

  • Launch a public-private partnership to forecast demand, set goals, and measure progress in building, preserving, and attracting investment in housing throughout Minnesota.
  • Define and crack down on predatory rental practices, including excessive evictions and poor condition of rental units.
  • Create dedicated permanent funding sources for affordable homes in addition to current funding sources.
  • Position Minnesota as a national leader in the advancement of construction innovation and technology.
  • Increase access to homeownership resources for the large number of income-ready households who want to buy their first home.